Protecting our Environment and Ensuring Community Well-Being

Recent Project

At Hunter Environmental Consulting, we offer a comprehensive range of environmental monitoring services, ensuring compliance and providing vital data for informed decision-making aimed at safeguarding the environment and promoting human well-being.

Recently, we demonstrated our expertise in two diverse monitoring projects.

At a local waste management facility, we employed the cutting-edge SiteHive Hexanode Multi to conduct precise air and noise monitoring. This innovative device provided real-time data on key parameters, enabling us to assess the facility’s environmental impact and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Vibration Monitoring

In a separate project, we utilised the Svantek Vibration Meter to conduct ground vibration monitoring resultant from haulage operations within a local residential street. This involved measuring both vibration dose value and peak particle velocity to assess potential impacts on residential buildings and human comfort. Our detailed report provided the project stakeholders with crucial data to ensure the buildings’ protection from potentially damaging vibration levels and avoid nuisance vibration levels for surrounding residents.

These projects showcase Hunter Environmental Consulting’s versatility and commitment to using the latest technologies. Whether it’s assessing air and noise pollution in industrial, construction or mining environments, or safeguarding historical or at-risk structures, we have the expertise and equipment to provide accurate, reliable data you can trust.

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